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Growth Mindset (Click here to learn more)

When was the last time that you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone? When did you last engage the mindset skills needed to take ownership of your own learning? Isn’t that really what we’re asking students to do when engaging in deeper learning? Do you remember how hard it can be to learn something new, and have the persistence to continue that learning over a long period of time? (Click on the title Growth Mindset to read more about having a Growth Mindset)
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Principal's Message

April 01, 2020
Good Evening LoVE Families,

As this day closes out I want to thank you for being flexible as we are all transitioning from our traditional classroom setting to a fully online learning environment. As you can imagine this is a new way of learning and teaching for most of us. I want to thank each of you for you patience. This week teachers are continuing to engage in Professional Developments prepared by our District and our Local District sharing with them best practices and techniques to transition to an online learning community. Each week our LoVE teachers tirelessly pour themselves into creating a new learning environment. As you know with anything new challenges arise and "bumps in the road" occur. I ask that you continue to work along side your classroom teacher as they work with their team to resolve whatever challenge they may be experiencing. This is new for us all and I can say with certainty the Loyola Village teachers are working so hard to smooth out this process and create a system that will work for the learning environment. Please continue to work with us as we support our leaders and scholars and also keep in mind that our teachers have their own families they are caring for as well.

I would like to remind you that I will be hosting another Parent Get together on Wednesday at Noon during my Office hours. I felt our time together last week was so valuable. You all shared great resources with one another and it will be another opportunity for you to connect with other families as well.

Our Spring Break will begin on Friday April 03rd to Friday April 10th. Beginning Monday April 13th our Art Classes will begin with Mrs. Burrell.

K-2nd grade will be at 10:30am, and 3rd - 5th grade will be at 11:30am. A list of suggested items for the art lessons will be provided to your teacher which will be shared with you.
I again want to thank everyone for your patience and understanding as we get our systems in place to make this a great experience for everyone. Please continue to work with us as we transition. I want to publicly thank our Loyola Village team for working so diligently. I truly have a wonderful group of teachers and staff members that keep our school functioning so well. Thank you and have a great evening!

Zoom N’etiquette
We Respect Ourselves
·       Be ready to share with your classmates.  That means ​that everyone can see and hear everyone else, so make sure you are sitting in a place where it is quiet enough so you can hear what others have to say
·       You are dressed ready for the day. 
·       You should not be walking around your house with your device.  
·       Please be responsible and be on time.  If you enter late, please be respectful of the learning of others.
We Respect Others
·       Be ready to listen. This time is for everyone, so please do not have side conversations.
·       If you want to talk, please raise your hand and wait for the teacher to call upon you. If everyone is talking at once it will be hard to hear. 
·       If you have siblings or pets, please make sure they are not walking in front of the camera.
We Respect the Environment 
·       Meeting online is a new experience and we are in a new environment. ​
·       We are also going to be in each other's "homes." It is special when people let you into their home. We are so lucky to be able to see one another.
·       Please be mindful of what you say and how you are saying it, ​so you will be invited back.
·       We want everyone to feel safe in this new environment.
Every week we will be hosting a Virtual Spirit Week. The following are this weeks Art Inspired Spirit Week activities. Enjoy. 
-Monday – Primary Colors Day- Dress in Red, Blue, Yellow or Cyan
-Tuesday – Monochomatic Day-  Dress in Tints and shades of one color
-Wednesday – Asymmetrical Day- Dress with one sleeve up, one sleeve down
-Thursday – Pattern Day- Wear all patterns, stripes, polka dots, plaid, checkers etc.
-Friday – Graphic T-Shirt -Wear your favorite school-appropriate graphic t-shirt.
(Don't forget to snap a pic and share it with your teacher)

Stay healthy and stay at peace.
 Online Resources
  Families who have chosen to use the iPad option to complete the assigned work, the classroom teacher has assigned the Wonders Reading Program and the My Math Program which can be accessed on the device. Both programs are their regular instructional programs. The Wonders Reading Program has the main reader, along with the workbooks. The classroom teacher has assigned the pages which are accessible on the student’s main site under their To Do list tab. The same is available for the My Math mathematics program. 
Listed below we have  provided the other online programs that students can access on their ipads.  
 Workbook Resources
  Language Arts Workbooks were sent home. The classroom teacher has provided students with what story/chapter they should begin working on.
    The Math Interactive Guide workbooks were sent home. Classroom teachers again will share with students specifically which chapters they should focus on.
Grades 3rd – 5th grade students
     I would also encourage Grades 3rd – 5th grade to review questions on the CAASPP.org website. (CAASPP.org has sample questions students can review )
We will continue to do our best to keep you informed. Facts and circumstances may change quickly so we encourage you to check our website www.loyolavillageartsmagnet.org and  our District website www.lausd.net  regularly, or call the following phone hotline: (213) 443-1300.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Dr. Smith

Wonders/My Math 
Google search for “studysync lausd ” and bookmark it on a tablet or computer. 
Sign on using LAUSD email and password: love5014 
Amplify Reading 
Sign on using LAUSD email and password: love5014
Mystery Science
SBAC Practice (Grades 3-5)
Khan Academy 
Engage NY Math
Please use these resources to continue your student’s education during this time  If you have any questions, please contact your classroom teacher! Thank you!! 
Parents, please note that students can access our web based curriculum from home using a digital device! Take advantage of the list of sites below to maintain your student’s learning and progress during breaks and weekends! 
ELA Subscriptions:
Wonders Reading Program (Our Language Arts Curriculum)
Google search for “studysync lausd ” and bookmark it on a tablet or computer.
Email Address: _______________________________@mymail.lausd.net  Password: love5014
Amplify Reading - www.lausd.reading.amplify.com
Adaptive language, decoding and comprehension practice based on DIBELS data. 
Email Address: _______________________________@mymail.lausd.net  Password: love5014
IXL (ELA and Math) ixl.com/signin/loyolavillage
Username: ___________________________________    Password: _____________________
Spelling City -   www.spellingcity.com
Username: ___________________________________    Password: _____________________
Math Subscriptions:
Xtra Math - xtramath.org (Supports students’ math fact fluency)
Username: ___________________________________    4 Digit PIN: _____________________
Grades 3-5 SBA Practice
You can access Smarter Balanced practice tests online where you and your child can preview and practice the types of questions they will see on the State Test.  To access the practice tests, go to www.Smarterbalanced.org → Click Assessments Tab → View Practice and Training Tests and Sample Questions. 
Weekly Updates