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Student Device Drop Off and Pick up Schedule for June 08th - 15th, 2020

Schedule for Student Device drop off

and pick up of classroom desk items

1.    Students may keep their Ipads throughout the summer if you are attending any of the Summer Enrichment programs within LAUSD or LA County Dept. of Education(LACOE)

2.     Devices should be returned if you know they are leaving the state or country prior to late July / August when the Office Staff returns  to the main office in July.

3.     Feel free to return School Issued books and Library Books and pick-up  items you may have left in their desks.

 Here is some information Facts in preparation to coming to the school for device drop off or pick up.

o    You must wear a Mask/ or Face covering to protect yourself and others.

o   There will be cones in the front of the school that are placed 6 ft. apart. Please do not move or alter the cones.

o   Please do not exit your car until you see a Cone that is empty and available for you to stand by.

o    If you are dropping off ipads. Please stand at a cone with your ipad. Once we scan in the ipad you are free to go.

o    You will need to stand in line if you are dropping off your ipad. We need to scan it in, as your iPad is like a library book and is directly assigned to your student.

o    You will need to stand in line, if you are picking up your Spring Pictures , Student Medication or have more than one child at our school in a different grade and would like to pick up their things at the same time.

o    If you are only picking up your belongings from the desk, there will be carts located at the front of the school with your child’s name and room number on the bag. You may come up and pick up the bag without standing in line.

o    If you are just dropping off text books, there will be a cart for textbook drop off. You don’t have to wait at a cone to drop off Library books or school text books.

o    For the safety of our students, staff and our families, please follow the schedule as posted. If you have multiple children in multiple grades, please wait in the line to pick up your other childs’ items

§  5th grade – Monday June 08th  (5th graders choosing to keep their devices during summer will need to return them the first week of August)

·       Room 21 8am – 9am

·       Room 26 9:30am – 10:30 am

·       Room 27  11:00 – 12pm

§  Kinder/1st  grade – Tuesday June 09th 

·       Room 01 8am – 9am

·       Room 03 9:30am – 10:30 am

·       Room 04  11:00 – 12pm

§  2nd Grade  – Wednesday  June 10th

·       Room 05    8am – 9am

·       Room 06    9:30am – 10:30 am

·       Room 07  11:00 – 12pm

§  3rd  Grade  – Thursday  June 11th

·       Room 08    8am – 9am

·       Room 09    9:30am – 10:30 am

·       Room 10  11:00 – 12pm

§  4th  Grade  – Friday  June 12th

·       Room 19    8am – 9am

·       Room 20    9:30am – 10:30 am

·       Room 21  11:00 – 12pm

§  Final Device Drop off  & Pick up Day  Monday June 15th

·       Kinder/1st grade – 8am – 9am

·       2nd grade 9am – 10am

·       3rd grade 10am – 11am

·       4th &  5th grade 11am – 12pm