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Mrs. Victoria McDowell » Welcome Class of 2019!

Welcome Class of 2019!



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Why is a square always a rectangle, but a rectangle is never a square?  Can an equilateral triangle also be a right triangle?  In order for students to answer higher level thinking questions in Geometry, they must know the definitions of basic terms.  As mentioned in conferences, I made an online study guide.  It's my first time using this website, so I would appreciate it if someone would test it out and let me know it works before I make paper copies of the code to send out.  Check out quizlet.com/join/5bpSX6UtP


Fifth graders are building background knowledge for their next essay about fast food's affects on health.  They had a lot of questions about specific fast food meals and I found a website that will answer many of their questions.  Check out fastfoodnutrition.org and share what you discovered.  heart.org is another great resource for living a healthy life.